Wireless Solutions

Residential and Automation Solution

Designed for a variety of automation and control environments, the unique form factors of our HTM series of access points are suitable for mounting in-wall, on-wall or in-ceiling for almost any applictaion whether located in the house, by the pool or in the backyard. Each wireless access point utilizes POE technology and dual spectrum to provide the highest power, most reliable enterprise-class AP available in the AV industry.

Regardless of the application HTM has the access point to ensure touch panel reliability and superior wireless internet connectivity.

Commercial WiFi

Wireless networking continues to expand as consumers take advantage of new applications, and businesses realize productivity gains which increase efficiency and lower costs.

Regardless if the application is related to end users, manufacturing, warehousing, hotels, colleges, airports, transportation, convention centers, or corporations, mobile computing is the key to a more productive and efficient process. 

HTM  designs and installs turnkey WiFi solutions (802.11a/b/g/n) to fit your operating requirements. We combine RF engineering expertise with state-of-the-art data collection and design tools. Our engineers are degreed professionals who understand building construction and the ‘physics’ involved with installing a qualified system for even the most challenging applications.  Our capacity planning methodologies ensure the network will work for the prescribed application traffic, and we include systems management and monitoring in all base packages.

Additionally, HTM answers our customers’ concerns about security with the newest and most appropriate encryption technologies available to protect our customers’ data and networks. We have designed numerous 802.11 networks for various applications, including municipal networks, back haul links, enterprise applications, and outdoor public safety systems.

Network Management

  • Monitor Devices

View status, information, and statistics of devices managed by HTM on customizable and easy-to-read graphs.

  • Network Map

View access points and stations on a Google Road, Terrain, or Satellite Picture Map to aid in installation planning.

  • Managed Groups

User-defined, dynamic, and auto device groups provide easy navigation and device management.

  • Task Scheduling

Schedule tasks such as firmware update, reboot, IP range scan, device configuration backups, ping watchdog and custom commands execution.