Audio & Video Distribution

Enjoy the quality of pure HDTV and high quality audio throughout your home without sacrificing video quality. Video technology is becoming more complicated every day. The signal type or format being sent out, whether the signal includes power, the size and strength of the pipeline distributing the video – all these factors are carefully considered and delivered to you in the form of the highest quality video on the market.

Realize the absolute beauty of sound as you walk from room to room in your home. You will truly enjoy the full spectrum of rich musical tones as if it were live.  Hometheatermation’s audio solutions are specifically designed for the discerning audio connoisseur with a considerable number of audio sources.  Experience sound customized for the unique architectural attributes of every room in your home.  With a wide selection of distributed audio solutions that accommodate multiple audio sources and room/zones. For those with an affinity for high-end, high-fidelity, brand name equipment,  Hometheatermation integrates any CD, DVD, iPOD audio; AM, FM radio; XM, Sirius satellite radio equipment – in every room/zone of your home. Our distributed audio solutions offer you a reliable, flexible, expandable, sophisticated and intuitive way to listen to music in your home.

With an Hometheatermation Audio\Video Distribution System, you consolidate all this equipment in one central location with your various source devices (such as satellite receivers and DVD players) so you don’t have to worry about having duplicate DVD players or satellite receivers cluttering every room in your home. All you need in each room is your display and a control interface.