Every Game, Every Sunday…

With the NFL season opening tonight  we here at HomeTheatermation are hard at work getting our clients ready for this coming Sunday and the 2014 NFL season.  Most of our football customers have more then one TV in their media room or theater room and during Sundays there are about 14 games on throughout the day which can be a real hassle to switch from game to game and TV to TV especially when you and your guests are trying to follow your fantasy team players .

follow your fantasy team players

For these fall time Sunday situations Hometheatermation offers a unique experience when paired with your media room. By using one of our customized Control Solutions we load each game match up onto your remote as well as your TV layout, each week! This allows just a two click process to pick the game and TV you want and you don’t have to worry about the channel number of each game or fumble different remotes for the different TVs your trying to simultaneously watch.

Below is a sample from our 3.5″ touchscreen remote custom interface.    Once you click on the game match-up, it will bring you to the TV selection screen – once clicked, it will return you back to the match-up screen.    We also offer screen sizes in 7″ and 10″.

Stay tune for more info on our Ipad interface as well.

Contact us for more info or a demo and get your man-cave up to speed for 2014!

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